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Sexy office slut part 1

Maybe because I’m sexy and and I know how to use it. Or maybe it because every man in the office either wanna fuck me or have fucked me.    I stand 5’5 with perky 34 c breast. I have a nice Rachel Starr like ass and a tight pink Latina pussy. I weigh 130 pounds and I stay fit. I have black hair with red highlights that come to the bottom of my tits. My nipple and clit hood are currently pierced and sometimes I wear my occasional tongue ring. But enough about my body.  Let me explain how I got the name of Office Slut.    One day one of my co worker name John asked me out on a date. John was sexy handsome so I agreed. John stand about 5’8 and has a dirty blond hair cute and is kinda Muscular. I late became aware of his 6 pack and his 8 inch penis.    John asked to take me to dinner and later a walk in the park.  I didn’t know what to wear at first  but decided to choose something short and tight.( glad i did) I put on my red satin halted dress and my 3 inch red bottoms.  There was  no need for me to put on a bra cause my boobs sat up really nice and that dress. I put on  sexy lace black thong. Iwas feeling a little freaky so I put in all my piercing including the tongue ring.  He showed up to my house around 7 pm and helped me into his Chrysler 300. He was wear the usual black slacks. He had a red collard short on ( guess he knew my favorite color is red). “we are matching with out even trying” I said getting comfortable in the car. ” I know. I wanted to look nice for tonight” he said with a smile.    When we got to the restaurant he gave his keys to the valet. We walked and got seated in a round booth. ” this place is so fancy.” i said sliding into the booth. ” only the best for my date” he replied. I blushed and giggled. The waiter came over and took our orders. Some where between appetizer and entree my hand end up on his thigh only an inch away from his semi hard penis. And some where between entree And dessert his hand ended up on my pussy. Laugh and talked neither one of us bringing up that fact I was rubbing his semi hard cock or the fact that he was playing with my clit. When it time to get ready to go he said ” that enough fun for dinner.” I laugh and said ” that was alot of fun maybe we can do if again tonight” and i winked.  He. stopped playing with my now wet clit and put his finger in his mouth and said ” sweet pussy taste like strawberry cake.” I giggle and said ” there is more where that came from. We got up from the table and went out to the valet And as we waited for the valet to bring back his car we kissed. Not any other kiss but a passionate I wanna fuck you kiss. His tongue and mines twirling inside of each other mouth. When the valet finally showed up he had to tap on John shoulder to stop our kiss.   ” so to the park we go?” he asked. Still trying to catch my breat from the kiss i said ” what ever you want I’m just horny now.”  He laughed ” so your place or mine “.  ” mine” i said.    On the ride back thoughts were running through my mind. One thought was imma let him fuck the shit out this pussy and another was maybe the rumors about him being a freak were true I hope they were true. He broke my train of thought by saying” I felt that your clit is pierced. I see why you walk a little funny some times.” i replies my saying ” i felt that you got a big dick. I see why your there always a bulge there on your left side. ” he laugh and sAid ” well played.” Iaughed. As we pulled up into my drive way I took off my thong and handes it to him. “look at what you have done. They are all wet now. You might as well keet them.” he laughed and sniffed them. ” they even smell like came”. I blushed and got out the care makeing sure he saw a glimpse of my pussy.  He got out the car and grab me from behind and was squeezing my ass. It felt so good that i let out a small low moan. When i got to the door i reached back and grab his dick. I unlocked my door and squeez his dick. ” I got a surprise for your big friend.”   When we walked in I lead John to my room and we started kissing passionately again.  He started grabbing my ass and I stopped the kiss. I stafed to take his shirt on and unbuckle his pant. When I was finished I pushed him on the Bed And to unzipp my dreess. I kicked off my shoes. When i was done i took off his shoes and pulled down his boxers( even they were red). He leaned and pulled me towards him. He put my pussy on his mouth and started sucking on my clit. Be wouls switch from sucking mu clit to bitiing my clit to tounge fucking my pussy. I couldnt do nothint  because of the great pleasurw he was giving me, ride his face. When his pace slowed up after i squrted a little cum in his mouth. Then he just started to tounge fuck my pussy. I was calmer a had settle down so i 69 him. While eating my pussy i leaned dow. To suck his dick. He was long and think. I didnt know if i couls take him. He had little pre cum on the tip. And it tasted so good that i wanted more. When i first went down to suck him he was so surprised by how good i was that he forgot what he was during and just laid there breathing into my pussy.   I would go down halfway and then stop and come back up. Then i would play with his balls and go all the way on his dick. I guess i was during to good cause he started to moan and groan. I gave him a good blowjob cause it only took 3 minutes befor i heard him say “I’m gonna cum.” ” cum in my throat baby  give me all you got.” ten seconds later he came hard in my mouth after the fourth spurt. I swallowed and started to clean up what i missed. I Leaned up and rolled off his face and turn so that we could cuddle. ” damn that was the best blowjob ever. I liked how when you came back to the top you would swirl your tongue ring around the head of my cock that was so hot.” I giggled. ” seems like your ready for this pussy now. ” ” Hell yeah i  am. Now bring that tight tasty pussy over here.”  He got and went to the edge of my bed and pulled my legs so i could be closed. I let out a playful scream and lifted my legs around his neck. He lined his dick up with my opening and went in an inch then Pulled out i moan in anticipation. Then he would go in two inches then pull out i got tired of his game so I grabbed his ass as forced him all the way. He laugh and started to fuck my pussy at a steady pace. He then started to play with my clit and started sucking on my nipples. They were super hard every time he bit my nipple i squirted a little.  I moaning be came louder and louder the faster he went. I wonder if my neighbors could hear us.  The closer he became ready to cum the faster he moaned. I was  a minute away from cumming all over his dick and if he went any faster i would explode all my juice over him. ” I’m about to cum baby go faster.” I screamed. He started to go so fast that he was banging hard into my pubic bone. I came hard all over his Dick. He stopped and started to lick my juices. I knew he wasn’t done pleasing himself so i left him finish cleaning me up the. I got down on my knees and started sucking him. At first just playing with the tip by twirling  my tongue around it but then i started to lick the shaft of his cock with the ring. And soon he was about to cum.  I put my mouth back on the head just in time. He spurted about 6 loads of cum down my throat. I swallowed it all  I got up pulled the sheet off my bed and got two pillows and asked him did he was to cuddle he sad yes. And climb into bed with me and cuddle.  This is one of the many experiences i had with a co worker and got the name office slut.